Q 1. What is HotBids all about ? What is the concept?

" HotBids " is an Unique Online Auction Platform that allows you to BID on Branded Products and gives you a chance to WIN products at Few Rupees. Its a kind of fun Bargain Deals and Online Shopping. It is based on Skillful Bidding with handful of Strategy, Logic and Understanding.

Q 2. Who can participate in HotBids.in's Online Auctions?

Any one above 18+ years of age can sign up and participate in HotBids.in auctions. Users from outside India / Abroad can also join HotBids.in

Q 3. How can I start Bidding on HotBids Auctions?

Getting started is very easy . First, create an account by clicking on the SIGN UP button on homepage, then, purchase any Bid Package by clicking on BUY BIDS button. Finally, join an Auction that is running live on LIVE AUCTION page by clicking on the BID button.

Q 4. How does HotBids.in Penny Auctions work?

Here Users compete against each other . The price of the item starts at Rs.0/- and the auction clock starts counting down. Each time a bid is placed, the price of the item increases by a set amount and the auction clock's time gets reset. Once you place a bid, you are in the lead until the auction clock runs out or someone else places a bid. When the auction clock reaches 00:00 and no more bids are received, the auction is over and the last person who bids wins the auction. Winning Price and Winner's User ID is shown over the Winners Page.

Q 5. How does HotBids.in Lowest Auctions work?

Here Users compete against each other . Lowest & unique bid amount entered in the auction is that bid amount which has not been placed by any other person. For example, if bidders A, B and C place a bid of Rs. 0.01, bidder D places a bid of Rs. 0.02, and bidder E places a bid of Rs. 0.03, although Rs. 0.03 is not the lowest bid in the auction (Rs. 0.01 is lower), Rs. 0.02 is the lowest unique bid placed in this auction, because Rs. 0.03 is a unique bid but it is not lowest, therefore Rs. 0.02 is the Lowest & Unique bid (winning bid).

Q 6 . What are Hot Deals ?

Hot Deals is an exciting way to Win Brand New Products, eVouchers & Anything at Exact 10 % Of its MRP Value. All you have to do is Book A Deal and Wait for the Bar to filled completely. Once the Bar is completely filled, our System will automatically declared a Winner for that Product.
Note : More Seats You Buy - More Your Chances Of Winning...
Note : Winner gets the Product & Others get 50 % Amount Back as Bids...

Q 7. What are Paid Bids & Free Bids ?

To place a bid on any auction, you would need HotBids Bids. Each Auction has a number of Bids required per bid, you can purchase Bids in different packs. Each bid costs you Rs.1/- . Paid Bids : Paid Bids are those bids which you have purchased from Bid Packages available. Free Bids : Free Bids are those bids which you get from Loyalty Schemes and can be used for Playing Auctions. When user deposit some amount they get some extra Bids then such Bids are called FREE BIDS.
NOTE : A User can play using both Paid Bids and Free Bids to participate in the Auctions.

Q 8. I just Won an Auction, What to do Now?

First of all, Congratulations for your Winnings.
Now Go to MY ACCOUNT > MY AUCTION > WON AUCTION and Complete Payment of your Winning Amount by clicking Pay Button .

Q 9. What are the options available for Winners ?

Winners have got 3 Choices.
CLAIM : A User can opt for Product. Product will be delivered within 10 Days.
CONVERT : User can opt for Bids. Equivalent MRP amount Bids will be Instantly credited to his/her account.
CASH : A User can opt for Cash. Mentioned Amount will be transferred to his/her account within 7 Days.
NOTE : Pls ensure that your Shipping Address, Bank Account Details and Contact details are correctly updated in your MY ACCOUNT section

Q 10. What is Buy Now ?

Buy Now is an unique feature provided in HotBids.in where everyone is a winner .Even if you loose an Auction you still get the Product at an amazing discounts.
With Buy Now, you can purchase any product at any time during the auction and up to 24 hours after the auction is over by clicking the Buy Now button on the auction page. The value of any Paid Bids placed in an auction will be applied to the value price. Free Bids used in an auction will not count toward the Buy Now price. The auction will continue even if a user chooses to Buy Now.
You must bid at least once in an auction in order to use the Buy Now option. The Buy Now price will never fall below Rs 0.00 because HotBids prevents users from spending more in Paid Bids than the item's value price.
For example, you can't place Rs 110 worth of Paid Bids in an auction for an item of Rs 100 value price. On HotBids you will never pay more than the value price for a product you want. If a user chooses to Buy Now, they can pick from any of HotBids' amazing products that are available in that particular auction.

Below is an example of how your discount for Buy Now is calculated.                                             
Value Price:                                                                        Rs 100.00
Discount: Paid Bids Placed x Bid Price:  40 x Rs 1  =   (-) Rs  40.00
Buy Now Price: + Shipping/Taxes (if applicable)                Rs 60.00 
Note : The Buy Now price will be updated every time you place a bid

Q 11. What is Rebate ?

Rebate is a latest concept in HotBids.in which enables its users to get amazing discounts on each & every auction from 10 % - 100 % .
Note : Look for Rebate Button in Auction Details Page.

Q 12. How long does a HotBids Auction last?

Lowest Auctions Bid Auction :-
LUB Auction automatically ends when a specified closing Day, Date and Time has been reached.
Penny Auctions :-
There is no pre-determined end time for auctions. An auction closes after the last person bids and /or the auction clock runs out and the timer hits 00:00:00 .In case of any technical issues or server downtime an auction may be extended or Cancelled.
Hot Deals :-
Hot Deals Auctions gets closed when all Deals/Seats has been Purchased & the Green Bar is Completely Filled.

Q 13. What is AutoBid feature in Penny Auction ? How it works?

Auto Bid designed for those types of situations when users cannot be online, or when users would like to have bids placed automatically for them. Simply decide how many bids you want to place and at what price your Auto Bid command will get activated. Auto Bid automatically bids for you each time someone else places a higher bid. You can rely on our Auto Bid to bid as you set it. Thus, you can participate in an auction even if you are not online and you can't miss some of the hot auctions.
Note : Autobids set by you in any Auction can be seen by Clicking " A " button beside Bid Now. You can Add & Remove Autobids from there.
Note :- Multiple AutoBids set in Multiple Auctions can be controlled from AutoBids option beside My Account.

Q 14. How can I check the status of my Lowest Auction Bids in Real time on the site?

Yes. Click on "Active Bids" Button option on top right corner and you will see a list of your Active Bids (if any). Simply click Refresh button to get an updated bid status.
Note : Also Bid History can be seen from My Account - My Auction - Live Auction - Bid History.

Q 15. What type of products does HotBids put here for auctions?

Smart phones, regular phones & mobile accessories, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, Desktops, iPods, Music system, LED/LCD Tvs, Fashion brands and personal accessories, Sports items, Home Appliances, Gift vouchers, Holiday vouchers, Discount coupons, Bid Packages and everything else whatever latest trends in India and most wanted by youngsters.

Q 16. Is it legal to offer such online auction service and to participate in them?

Yes, Absolutely. this is a new version of traditional offline auction Going 1- Going 2- SOLD. Online auctions are legal in India and we have to meet with all compliance requirements of RBI, various Banks and Payment Gateway service providers. Bidding online may be prohibited in some countries.

Q 17. Does each Penny Auction have the same Clock Reset time?

No, depending on the Auction, there will be a reset time of 10 seconds to 15 second to 20 seconds. You can check this clock reset time around any running live auction. This is the real fun of bidding.

Q 18. Does each BID have the same price increment?

No, depending on the MRP of the product, there will be a price increment of 0.01 Paisa to 10.00 INR per bid. you can check this rate of price increment around any running auction. Costly products will have higher price increment and vice versa.

Q 19. Are all products brand new, original, with original bill and warranty?

Absolutely Yes, All products at HotBids are 100% brand new, original, unused, seal pack, with GST paid bill and manufacturer warranty. Products will be shipped by our 3rd party vendors and we will monitor the entire delivery process.

Q 20. Can I open more than one account on HotBids ?

No. it is illegal to operate multiple accounts by single user. Our system monitors your IP address and MAC address. If you are found violating this rule, we will terminate your account permanently and your unused Bids & Wins will be void.

Q 21. Is there any winning limit? Can I participate and win unlimited Auctions?

There is no limits at HotBids . You can participate in unlimited auctions and also you can win unlimited products. There is no such limitations like other bidding websites

Q 22. How long does my Bids valid after I purchase? Are Unused Bids refundable?

Bids purchased by you are always yours. it never expires. you can use them any time you want but Bids are non transferable and non-refundable. you must use Bids on any auction.

Q 23. Are HotBids employees allowed to place bids?

No, HotBids employees, Web developers, any person engaged directly or indirectly in HotBids business process are strictly forbidden to bid on the auctions.

Q 24. What is prohibited while bidding at HotBids.in ?

Below activities are strictly prohibited and it will be treated as violation of our terms and conditions :

i) Operating multiple user accounts by a single user

ii) Participate in an auction in a group of few users together from a same household or a same place

iii) Using any third party bidding software/tools/scripts to place automatic bids, or to operate your account using such methods

iv) Accessing an user account from different workstations or devices and placing BIDS using different devices at a same time during an auction 

Q 25. What are the payment methods to Buy Bid or to make payments for the products?

We use RBI approved payment gateways like - CCAvenue, Oxigen, PayTM, PayKun & Paypal. It supports Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Wallets, Paytm, UPI, Net Banking, Cash Cards & EMI options. You may also make payment in to our bank account. contact our Billing team on support@hotbids.in for any assistance with the payments.

Q 26. Are my payments to HotBids.in are secure?

Yes. Secure third-party payment-processing provider is used to process all Debit/Credit Card transactions. The third-party payment processors pages are encrypted SSL secure pages. Secure Payments are made over an encrypted connection with our Payment Gateway.

Q 27. Do you store my Debit/Credit Card or Net banking details?

No. No confidential payment details are stored and all payments are managed securely by our payment gateway on behalf of HotBids.in

Q 28 . How much does it cost to bid via my Mobile?

There is no difference in Bid cost if User bid via mobile.

Q 29. Will I get charged each time of my Bid Status Updation?

No. You will only be charged for each separate bid you make and only on the first time that bid is entered. For example if you bid 10p, and the status changes 10 times, you will only be charged once for the bid. For ten different bids, you will be charged ten times.

Q 30 . Can I get a Refund for Bids which I have purchased?

No. Once bids are purchased there are no refunds but if the auction is cancelled or postponed then the refund allocation will be at the sole discretion of HotBids

Q 31. How much will Shipping and Packing fees to Winner?

Winner has to pay only Rs 10/- as shipping and packing fees but it can be change at any time at the sole discretion of HotBids.in

Q 32 . What should I do if I receive a faulty product?

The chance of a faulty product is very minimal as we get the product either directly from the manufacturer or their authorized dealer. In an unfortunate event of a faulty product, the customers should immediately contact to HotBids.in Customer support ant to the respective manufacturer directly or their service center.

Q 33 . Can HotBids repair or replace defective items?

No. Any defective or damaged items should be taken up with the manufacturer.

Q 34 . Is my personal information confidential with HotBids ?

Yes. HotBids Comply with data protection & hence we are bound to keep Users data confidential. We never disclose any of your information to a third party without the explicit permission of your. However from time to time, we may contact the customers for providing better services with their permission.

Q 35 . What should I do if I forget my username or password?

Click the Forgot Username or "Forgot Password" link on the website and you will get an email to your registered e-mail address. You can then reset your password and continue using the website. If you still experience problems, refused entry or the system fails, please contact our Customer Support.

Q 36 . When I am login, login page remains on without login page. Whats going wrong?

Please check cookies that are enabled on your browser and also check your computer systems time. This is a known and recognised problem with certain AOL browsers. If this continues, we suggest that the AOL browser is minimised and that you open the site once again in Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or another browser. If this problem persists, please contact our Customer Support.

Q 37 . I have received an email from HotBids.in asking for my account details, is this ok?

HotBids will never email you asking for account details. However, for security we can email you and request you to provide proof of Identification; if you are concerned simply get in contact at support@hotbids.in

Q 38 . What should I do if I receive a suspicious email?

Please contact our helpdesk and forward such suspicious email to support@hotbids.in

Q 39 . What should I do if I have a problem with my account?

If you encounter any problems with the website, please e-mail to our customer support by Clicking Contact Us link on our website or Live Chat available. We will respond to your queries within 24 hours.

Q 40 . How can I logout from my session from your bidding site?

Just click the logout option which appears in our website at the top of the right. If anyone do not find the same then it might be your browser issue, Then We recommends you to please delete your cookies and history from the browser, then uninstall it and again reinstall the latest version of browser and update your flashplayer, Then open our site you will see the logout option.

Q 41 . My question is not listed here and I need further clarifications

We are open minded, just contact us by filling up Quick Contact form on our Contact us page or you can mail us at support@hotbids.in , we will get back to you soon with clarifications.

Live Chat is available from 10 AM - 6 PM.